Adult French Maid Costume - A Big Fantasy Come True

Published: 07th October 2010
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This is certainly one of the secret fantasy of millions of men, the french maid. Wearing an adult french maid costume is a surefire way to get attention at a party, and sexiest costumes may be even more appropriate for some intimate playtime with your partner. Whatever is your choice you can be certain to grab the attention of who anyone you want. Here's what an adult french mad costume generally includes.

This is almost inevitable, you will generally get a black and white mini-dress. Often attached is an apron and the bottom part may include a petticoat. Some french maid costumes will also wome with additional pieces such as little ribbons , satin bows, armbands, headband and even a choker. These are really cute extras to the main costume.

You will also want to add your own sexy shoes and also stockings or fishnet tights to emphasize beautiful legs. Again, choose black or white color to match the costume style. Though costume stores certainly have few cheap shoes or leggings, you can certainly use your own and save a bit for other accessories. For example, mesh fingerless gloves for about $10 are certainly something you may want to experience.

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The last accessory you may want, or should have, to perfect the french maid look is the feather duster. This is sometimes included with your costume but that's not always the case. It is an inexpensive item that can make the difference. You will find a good looking one ranging from $5 to $15. Though you don't want to clean the house during the party, it can be fun to play with.

Overall, the adult french maid costume is a great choice if you are in a mood of partying sexy. The hot style, cute and inexpensive accessories make it a very nice ensemble to look at and will get you many compliment.

Among the different styles of french maid costumes, you would certainly love the French Maid Fifi Costume. There are many more for all sizes at Adult French Maid Costume.

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